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Barrier Free Therapy dedicated to helping you and the ones you love live life to the fullest regardless of abilities through compensatory therapy, accessible home recommendations/strategies, adaptive equipment and care giver training.

Barrier Free Therapy:

  1. Bullet Home evaluations for accessibility.

  1. Bullet Expert witness services.

  1. Bullet Transition therapy.

  1. Bullet Care giver training.

  1. Bullet Attendant care and needs assessment.

  1. Bullet Assistive devices/adaptive equipment recommendations.

  1. Bullet Aging in place planning-life long home planning.


Mission Statement:

Creative therapy and solutions designed to remove barriers and develop skills to allow full, active, independent lifestyles regardless of physical or cognitive abilities. 

To assist care givers by teaching proper body mechanics, therapeutic techniques, recommending adaptive equipment, home designs and compensatory strategies to decrease the time, energy and strength demanded in caring for a loved one.

To assist the care management team in developing discharge plans, designing living spaces, medically justifying client/family needs and providing expert witness testimony to give the client the tools required to live life to the fullest.

Serving Michigan & Indiana

Contact Us:

Offices throughout Michigan and Indiana

Headquarters:  p: 269.978.8340   f: 866.576.3284

e: Solutions@Barrierfreeot.com